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Communication Goals

Updating family and friends

Spreading the beauty of Haiti

Future teaching and sharing

1) To provide updates for family and friends who have shown interest in my travels in Haiti this year. While here, I (John Ryan) will be doing the following:

  • Conducting dissertation research on disaster vulnerability (to hurricanes and droughts) in a farming community amongst Haiti’s southern mountains

  • Continuing my pursuit of Haitian Creole fluency

  • Teaching English in the South and the Central Plateau

  • Giving guest lectures at a Haitian university

  • And, visiting friends in the Central Plateau to see the progress of their high school and the inter-parish partnership there.

2)To spread the beauty of Haiti, a misunderstood and misrepresented country, and the kindness of its people, in a time where we have a chance to choose unity over division and connection over fear of the “Other.”

3) To provide my newborn son, Bennett, an idea of why his dad spent much of the first year of his life in another country, and to help teach him what I am taught each day.



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