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  • Roxana

We are back Home For a Bit!

Updated: Oct 27, 2018

After two weeks in Haiti volunteering and teaching english at the Happy Haitian Productions Institute, we are back home for a bit. Things were pretty hard for us with Bennett being so young and the weather being so Hot. Our first week here it rained almost every evening and that really helped cool things down, but this week we've barely had any rain and we are so very overheated. We also don't have consistent electricity so we haven't been able to use the fan much either. Benny has been a sweet and happy little trooper though. Unfortunately one afternoon after his nap he woke up crying inconsolably and grabbing at his ear. He also began having some diarrhea so we rushed home just to be on the safe side. He is still so little (4 months) so we just want to be extra careful. We are so thankful for our standby privileges and praise the Lord we were able to get seats on the flight the very next day. Bennett is doing much better now praise the Lord. We think he was most likely teething, and probably feeling a bit overheated.

We feel God's constant protection over us, even more so as we found out that a few days after we left Haiti began experiencing some unrest and there were protests all over the larger cities (including the one we were staying in).

We were planning on heading back today but instead we will wait until things calm down and it becomes safe again. Please pray for our friends and all those suffering in Haiti.

Here we are cooling off with some wet rags and a frozen teether toy! Happy boy as always.

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