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Updated: Oct 28, 2018

We have been here for a few weeks now and have settled in nicely. We love this wonderful home. It's in a mountainous area that is more quiet and calm so we have enjoyed cooler weather and it's so much more peaceful than the last place we stayed at which was right in the city full of cars, motorcycles and loud music at all times of the day and night. We always laugh (sometimes to keep from crying) at just how much and how loudly people like to play their music day and night. Here however it's quiet and beautiful and serene. God really has blessed us with a little piece of heaven in Haiti. We are so thankful to Him. Even though it is cooler than the last place we are still very hot and Bennett has developed a frustrating heat rash that just doesn't want to get better. He is having a great time though! He loves the locals and the volunteers that come and is friendly and happy as always. He had a cold our first week here but praise the Lord he is all better now.

We have a very wonderful group of volunteers working here this week. They are a mix of students holding an intensive English course at the school and also a dentist and a dental hygienist volunteering at the clinic. We have been able to help translate (John more than me) and help out with any needs they have. It's been so great to have so many people in the house and to be able to help out. They all love little Bennett and he's had so much fun interacting with all of them.

We would love it if you kept us in your prayers. Please pray that Bennett's heat rash heals and that he stays healthy.

If you would like to financially support us while we are volunteering you can donate to us here:

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