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  • John Ryan

Day 61: Getting lost

Updated: Jun 15, 2018

16 April, 2018

I am sitting in a place I have never been, drawing bird species and thinking about my mental tendencies here.

I get complacent and forget about the opportunities, the slightly hidden beauties of Haiti. Today I hiked until I got lost, knowing that is where I would find new things.

I found remote homes with sailors and fisherman that were willing to share stories with me.

I found beaches made of thousands of rocks like thick tea saucers that tumbled over one another. They created a completely novel sound to me, a “singing” of sorts.

I want to flourish here, not just survive. I want to draw more of this beauty, go to the gym my new friend runs, photograph wildlife, go snorkeling, read books outside, write up my research in new towns. I want to teach English to those that want to learn. I am growing here. I am learning.

And still, always, I wish my family was here to share it with me, my wife to share each new discovery and each new adventure.

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