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  • John Ryan

Day 6: enriching and diluting life with technology

Updated: Mar 3, 2018

(Photo 1: nighttime reading)

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

I get to enjoy the steps of my son’s growth through video and voice, even if I am gone for much of it. I saw him on the phone again today. Technology can be such a blessing. I can see his little face from afar, his movements, and his occasional smile… we are working on the last one. How great is that! Just a few years ago, this connection would not be possible, especially here.

And yet, technology can be a thief: of joy, of productivity, of sweet moments, of time with nature, of time learning, and time abroad. Like many things, it is but a tool, to be used well, to be used for bad, or even just to dilute- to dilute the spark of life. I am pretty bad at it myself at times, browsing Reddit instead of learning more important things, or settling for digital stimulus over the real moments of life.

It has been less than a week… and I am feeling a bit relieved from technological dilution of life.

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