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  • John Ryan

Day 18: 4 March 2018: Research gaining momentum

(Photo 1: my room, sans electricity, pictures of Rox and Bennett illuminated)

Recently, I have been shifting from more casual conversations about the research and visiting homes and plots of land with farmers towards a more formal research process involving focus groups. Later, this will transition into questionnaires and in-depth interviews on the themes we learn from focus groups.

I connected so well with the kids in this lakou (traditional housing unit with multiple houses in the same yard with a fence and garden) and some of the adults. We are working on getting electricity by tomorrow. But, it has been nice without it as well, though it makes work difficult at times. The kids and I played cards together and had a good time… well some of us did. Others just yelled and pushed each other and sometimes sat nicely.

I have been thinking through some food ideas about research today and I really hope I can follow through with the ideas to the level that they produce publishable content. I want the world to benefit, and I don’t want to simply scrape by and get a degree.

I went through all the photos of Bennett and Roxana on my phone today, which made me proud and brought me happiness.

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