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  • Roxana

Beautiful Haiti

Updated: Oct 28, 2018

The last group of missionaries has left and it's just us three, plus the staff that maintains the ministry house again. Bennett's heat rash hasn't improved but other than that we are happy and healthy. In Haiti even the people who have electricity connected to their house don't always have power. They don't generate enough power to provide constant electricity so the city only provides it when they can. Our first few weeks here we had it almost 90% of the time but this week we've only been getting it a night ( and we praise the Lord for that) but it's been pretty hot during the day without the fan. We do have a little store with a lounge area in town where they use a generator if they are out of power. They even have air conditioning! We love hanging out there now and then to get a break from the heat. We praise the Lord for little things like that. The people in our town are so nice and friendly to us too, it really is such a great place!

Praising the Lord that we are happy and healthy. Here are some more pictures of Haiti and us.

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