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Rox and Benny are Back in Haiti Once Again!

Updated: Oct 28, 2018

We are so very happy to say that we have once again joined daddy in Haiti! God is so good to us and we are so blessed to be together. We are still working with HHPI doing some administrative work and helping them continue to grow and improve the English Institute but the summer classes we were helping with are now over and the kids are back in school. We are very honored to also be partnering now with Wings Of Hope International ( ) another amazing organization. Wings of Hope is run by Marline Olivier, one of my coworkers (a fellow flight attendant) who is also a member of our church. Marline is one of the most amazing people we have ever met and we are so inspired by her. Her organization has built and is running a medical clinic (hopefully soon to have a dental clinic built above), a school, a church, a water well for the village, and numerous other projects in the town. She is truly an amazing person with a wonderful ministry and we are so excited to work with her. We have prayed so much for God to provide a safe place in Haiti where we can live and also volunteer. We are now staying in their beautiful home they have built for receiving missions groups. We will be helping whenever groups arrive, with translating, logistics or anything Marline may need from us. We will also be training some of the local Haitian staff on how to use programs like Excel and other administrative skills they would like to develop. We will also be working on updating the website and social media aspects of the ministry in order to keep everyone in the loop. These are the needs Marline needs met and we are so happy to be the ones to do it.

The house we are staying in is just amazing. It sits in a valley surrounded by mountains on all sides. It really has a breathtaking view. This wonderful view has also helped John with his research observations which is so great! God really has blessed us richly!

Thank you Lord for providing this wonderful home where we can be together and also serve others!

Please keep us in your prayers. Please pray that we stay safe and that Bennett continues to be healthy. Please also pray that we can be useful and helpful to Marline and the Wings of Hope staff.

While we are here we need to cover the costs of our mission work. If you would like to support us financially you can donate to us here:

Thank you so much for your love and support!

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